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Looking for gutters or downspouts Service? EZ window team not only clean your gutters and downspouts but fix them too!

The gutter, or eavestrough, is the construction that encircling property roof and collects rainwater, which is then directed into downspouts, to spill out safely away from the house.

If you have water dripping down the side of your house walls while your eavestrough is not overflowing, it may mean that it has been punctured or otherwise damaged. The source of the damage may vary, but the result – water is escaping the eavestrough instead of draining properly and that could be a problem. This is when you need our eavestrough repair service!


As a result of general aging and temperature changes, a standard eavestrough seal is capable of breaking apart and creating holes in the joints. When this happens, you can call us in for our reliable solutions. It is very important to clean the gutters thoroughly to avoid any standing water. We will then remove the old seal completely, and clean the exposed surface. Once this is done, a new bond can be applied before additional protection can be added through rubber spray and similar tools.


Every once in a while, you may experience winds that are strong enough to tear the downpipe apart from the eavestrough. When this happens, we can reinstall it by using carefully selected and placed nails to secure the downpipe back onto your house, across its full length. Or the eavestrough if it’s hanging loosely on the roofline.


In some cases, especially when the water drainage is weak or the existing downpipe is interfering with other elements of your house and drainage systems, we can move and reinstall your downspouts for the function of drainage system.


A newly-installed eavestrough is always a good investment, but when they aren’t functioning as intended, it may be due to lack of overlapping shingles, which create a smooth “path” for water to drain inside the gutter canal. As a result, water can seep between the gutter and fascia straight to the house wall or into the backyard. We can extend the shingle from the roof to create a smooth path for running water.

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  • Installation of Eavestrough and Downspout Guards – tiny holes will let the water in while allowing leaves and branches to harmlessly slide off. This one-time installation will alleviate clogging concerns for a long time!

  • Eavestrough Water Flushing – if you do not know where the crack is, don’t worry about a thing! We are fully equipped to find and fix leaks in the eavestrough before they cause you more trouble when the next rains hit.
  • Brushing and shining of gutters, soffits, and fascias – by using special materials and tools, we can make your metal parts shine. It is a good practice to uphold yearly and is highly recommended if you are considering putting your home up for sale since the shine adds quite a bit to any home’s appeal.

If you require Gutters Installation, Soffit, Siding and Fascia work we highly recommend DVC ALUMINUM.