Eavestrough Repair

Eavestrough Repair Made EZ

Eavestrough leaking, got detached from the house siding? Got damage in the downspout, and need a professional to fix it for you?

That’s what we are here for! Making things EZ for you is our main purpose and we know all about it. With the tools, the know-how, the punctuality and very agreeable prices, you don’t need to search for anyone anymore.

We provide pre-scheduled repairs and emergency service calls in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Our team is offering eavestrough repair services across all major GTA cities such as Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton and Mississauga; we reach as far as Newmarket and Aurora in the North, and Scarborough area in the East.
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Common Eavestrough Issues We Fix
  • Downpipe or Gutter Reattachment
    When it gets windy, the downpipe or gutter may get broken off and we can reinstall them back for you with ease using carefully placed nails securing it back in place.
  • Adding or Relocating Downspout
    If your downspout came loose or you are having poor drainage, some downspout work may be in order. In the first case, we simply put it back together, or in the second, add another.
  • Shingles Extension
    Eavestroughs that malfunction because the shingles are not overlapping properly is also an EZ fix. We add shingle extensions to create a down path for the water sliding off of your roof.
More Issues we Can Help With in Addition to Eavestrough Repair:
  • Installation of Eavestrough and Downspout Guards
    For additional protection, eavestrough / gutter guards can be installed letting water in and keeping debris out – preventing clogs and all sorts of other yuck.
  • Eavestrough Water Flushing
    No idea where the leak is? No problem! We have all necessary equipment to find the gutter leaks making it easy to then fix them.
  • Shining of Gutters, Soffits, and Fascias
    Shiny gutters / eavestroughs and downspouts are not just pretty – they also last longer!
Reasons to Hire EZ for Eavestrough Repairs:
We’re Reliable.
We fully understand that a damaged eavestrough (aka gutter) is not just a nuisance but also a potential danger. And we treat it as such. Once it’s fixed by us – it stays fixed.
We’re Covered.
Just in case anything does happen, we have a just-in-case the proper insurance coverage that keeps you safe and your mind at peace. And let’s admit, ours too!
We Have Reach.
We have tall ladders to reach the gutters for the job, and we can go onto the roof as well required, making sure we get this thing secured in place for good. In this line of work, reach is everything.
We Do All Repairs.
Joint or corner leaks? No problem. Downpipe or gutter reattachments? Absolutely. Adding or replacing downspout or eavestrough segments – also EZ!
Call Us Today and Get Your Gutter Fixed the EZ Way!
Eavestrough Repair FAQ for You
It’s a good thing you noticed, it may very well not be too late to prevent (too much) damage. A sagging gutter means it is carrying more weight than it should. The idea behind the whole contraption is to catch water sliding off the roof and send it onwards to the downspout. If it sags, there’s standing water there and you may be in for a wet surprise. Get help soon before it bursts or breaks loose.
In general, the giveaways that you need eavestrough or gutter repair is (you guessed it!) sagging but also rust, peeling paint, water leaks or visible deformations.
Okay, so this is a bit fuzzy because it depends on the type of damage and its extent, but we can give you an idea. When it comes to simple repairs - a few loose screws that need to be tightened for example - that’s a few hundred at most. Anything that needs replacement parts may cost a lot extra of course. But all this means is, fix it before it gets even more broken!

Call us today and make your life EZ while we repair your eavestrough!