Residential Window Cleaning

Making Window Cleaning EZ For You

Looking for a no nonsense simple solution to get your house’s windows squeaky clean? Need a reliable, budget friendly company to show up on time, get the job done and leave sparkling glass panes behind?

That’s EZ! We are committed to making sure you are provided with the best window cleaning imaginable. Our crew uses non-abrasive materials, works diligently to get the job done fast and to the highest standard. 

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EZ Window Washing Extras / Packages
Exterior Window Washing / Cleaning Includes:
  • Exterior glass panes washed clean
  • Frames and sills wiped, grime removed
  • Outside screens washed & wiped clean
  • Skylight & storm doors exterior cleaned
Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning Includes:
  • All window glass washed from both sides
  • Frames and sills properly wiped clean
  • Sliding tracks are brushed & cleaned
  • Screens are wiped from both sides
  • Storm doors cleaned inside & out
  • Window partitions removed each

We provide pre-scheduled cleaning and same day service calls in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Our team is offering window washing services across all major GTA cities such as Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton and Mississauga; we reach as far as Newmarket and Aurora in the North, and Scarborough area in the East.

Benefits of Hiring EZ Window Cleaning
We’ve been working in the GTA for a very long time and know that reputation is everything. This in turn translates to a 100% commitment and perfectly gleaming results.
We are fully insured and Certified.
Last thing you want when you hire someone to clean your windows is to worry about them being broken, right? Well, with us, there’s no need to worry, ever, at all. Any damage, large or small, is covered by a comprehensive insurance policy.
We use
only safe, hypoallergenic cleaning agents making sure you and your household, including pets are completely safe immediately after the job’s done.
We go above and beyond.
This means we can also clean mirrors, glass balconies and glass pool fences, meaning you only really need to call one company for all of those cleaning jobs.
Don’t wait, get in touch with us now and we will be on the way. EZ!
Find out More about Residential Window Cleaning
Okay, so the simple answer is “it depends”, but to be a bit more helpful, the frequency should depend on how dusty your area is, the amount of rain and wind and so on. Most of the time, two or three times a year for professional window cleaning is more than enough.
Well.. if you absolutely have to DIY this, then we would start by making sure you have a good, sturdy ladder. Non abrasive cleaning tools are also a good idea, for the windows’ safety and your own sake. Cutting yourself on a ladder two metres from the ground is not a good idea. If you intend to use hard chemicals, which we generally don’t advise, then a respirator is a must.
This depends on what you’re getting. It can be exterior only or full window cleaning. You can have more or less windows to wash too. But so we don’t leave anybody out to dry, the ballpark figure for the job can be between $150 and $350 for the whole thing. Give us a call, we will figure it out.
Those two terms are mostly interchangeable but where they do differ it usually implies that cleaning means a more personal, up close, loving approach to the job. Washing may also imply a tougher situation such as windows with years old grime, construction adhesive stains or even concrete. Then you need to wash the window before you can clean it.

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