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EZ Windows Cleaning – our name say it all!

Every homeowner knows how hard it is to keep their windows clean through the year. Window cleanup in a multiple storey residential houses is difficult enough, and it becomes nearly impossible to do on your own if you have windows above the ground floor. We all love to see our windows bright and shiny – after all, a house with clean windows leaves a happy impression on family members, guests or even potential house buyers.

At EZ Window Cleaning we will take the extra time to pull up a ladder and give every square inch of glass the attention it deserves, and avoid reaching or swinging long-handled tools around.

We perform every job to the highest standard. We believe that a happy client will be become our customer for many years and by doing our job 100% we earn your trust.

In addition to our full, four-side residential window cleaning service, we also offer mirrors cleaning, glass balconies, and glass pool fences. The cleaning agents we use are all completely safe, for your comfort and peace of mind.

Our staff is trained to use ladders and stay as close to the window as possible while it is being washed. We do everything we can to keep the windows safe from any damage, including smallest scratches.

  • All glass washed both sides.
  • Frames and sills properly wiped.
  • Sliding tracks are brushed and cleaned.
  • Screens have wiped both sides.
  • Storm doors (in out).
  • If the window has few partitions we remove and clean each one.
  • Exterior glass washed.
  • Frames and sills wiped.
  • Outside screens wiped clean.
  • Skylight and storm doors exterior (if accessible).