Commercial Windows Cleaning

Commercial Window Cleaning Services Made EZ

Looking to hire a reliable company that can deliver efficient, fast and spotless window cleaning services in a commercial space?

You just found it! We work with retail stores, offices, post construction houses and other commercial properties, delivering swift results on a clock and with a smile.

Our professionalism is only exceeded by the massive accidental damage policy coverage of up to $2,000,000 CAD, and we carry a lot more benefits to our clients.

Commercial Window Washing Inside & Out
Exterior and Interior Window Cleaning Includes:
  • All window glass washed from both sides
  • Frames and sills properly wiped clean
  • Sliding tracks are brushed & cleaned
  • Screens are wiped from both sides
  • Storm doors cleaned inside & out
  • Window partitions removed each
Exterior Window Washing / Cleaning Includes:
  • Exterior glass panes washed clean
  • Frames and sills wiped, grime removed
  • Outside screens washed & wiped clean
  • Skylight & storm doors exterior cleaned

This type of service is perfect for restaurants, clothing boutiques, and other operations that depend on a clear and attractive front display on a daily basis. It can be supplemented by an interior cleaning once a month to make sure you are squeaky clean at all times.

We provide pre-scheduled window cleaning and same day calls in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Our team is offering window cleaning services across all major GTA cities such as Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton and Mississauga; we reach as far as Newmarket and Aurora in the North, and Scarborough area in the East.

Benefits of Hiring EZ Window Cleaning

Unlike many large scale companies in the field, we are privately owned. This means a focused, dedicated small crew giving each job its utmost attention.


This bears repeating – our accidental damage coverage will keep your property safe and your mind at peace at all times.


We’ve done all manner of commercial property, from retail to warehouses to post-construction and know how to approach and service each.

Tools & Agents.

Window cleaning on commercial properties often requires the use of hard chemical agents to remove adhesives or even concrete stains. All of this is of course done with soft tools so as not to damage the windows. We have the right tools for any and every job.

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Find out More about Commercial Window Cleaning
We know that the last thing you need is for your daily operations to be disturbed. Our crews come in and out at the hours of your choice, using quiet efficient equipment. We value your work hours and productive time.
We make ourselves available for when you need us, rain or shine but we do need to caution that some weather conditions are more conducive for getting more satisfying results.
Among others, we do commercial window cleaning work on storefronts and other low storey commercial properties with typically taller windows. We do not service high-rises, with a maximum height of 3 storey buildings.
Absolutely. We are equipped with all necessary to remove hard stains common to construction sites. This is done while keeping the window panes and frames scratch free.

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