Caulking Repair Services

EZ Caulking & Sealing Services in the GTA

Got old cracking caulking that needs a serious refresher? We got you!

We are a versatile team that offers additional services to make your life as a homeowner that much EZ-ier! We work with the highest quality commercial grade caulking materials that will last for years guarding your peace of mind.

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Offered Caulking Solutions:

1. Re-Caulking
In some cases, removing the old caulking, loose mortar, dust or other finishing is necessary to properly apply new caulking to last. And you’ve guessed it – we do that too.

2. Foaming & Backer Rod Installations
These rods are a no-nonsense addition that provides another line of defence, better insulation, and increased control over the sealant’s depth.

We provide pre-scheduled caulking repairs and same day visits in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Our team is offering eavestrough repair services across all major GTA cities such as Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton and Mississauga; we reach as far as Newmarket and Aurora in the North, and Scarborough area in the East.

3. Exterior Caulking
We only work with best commercial-grade materials available on the market, as the low-quality caulk will shrink over time and will leave gaps that allow heat or conditioned air to escape.

  • Control/expansion joints
  • Windows and doors
  • Water prevention sealing
  • Concrete floors and foundation
  • Stucco and siding caulking
  • Pipe vents and other utility areas

We use products that provide excellent performance in moving joints and exhibit tenacious adhesion once fully cured.

4. Interior Sealing
Countertops, bathtubs, sinks, baseboard and trimming, expansion joints

Why Choose EZ for Your Caulking Needs?
We’re Reliable & Meticulous.
As a team that is used to working with glass, our touch is feather light with the necessary attention to detail to never cause any damage and never miss a spot.
Extremely Decent Pricing.
Caulking is not our primary source of income so we don’t aim to increase profit as much as to provide extra value. Ask for a quote and you’ll see for yourself.
We’re Amazingly Versatile.
We can fix, repair and refresh caulking on vents & pipes, windows & doors, stucco and even swimming pools and solariums.
We do Interior Caulking Too.
If you need to add caulking to countertops, bathtubs, baseboard, trimming or expansion joints – we’re also your guys.
Don’t Wait for Damage To Accumulate - Get Caulking Services Today
Caulking Solutions FAQ
For a surface job, average pricing is 3-3.5$ per linear foot which includes labour and material. If removing old caulking is necessary, there is an expected increase of 25-30% depending on how much extra work removal may require.
Depending on the type of caulking, climate, workmanship quality and a bunch of other things, window caulking can easily last between 5 and 10 years. But when it needs to get done, it really needs to get done.
The one thing that we can tell you for sure is that it’s going to be more expensive than caulking them in time. Effects can vary and include unpleasantness such as water infiltration, drafts, pests and even asbestos exposure.

Don’t wait for stuff to get bad - get your caulking fixed up with EZ!