Eavestrough Cleaning

The EZ Solution to Eavestrough Cleanup

Need help with a clogged or dirty eavestrough? Is it full of branches, leaves or other particulates? Not to worry, we are here to make it EZ for you.

With EZ Window and Gutter cleaning, we take care of everything. Equipped with high ladders (up to 3 storey reach), cleaning tools, years of experience and a hefty just-in-case insurance coverage, we are the solution you are looking for!

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Not Just Cleaning - Our Service Goes Beyond!
On top of seasonal or regular eaves cleanup we offer a long-term solution to prevent your eavestrough system from clogging and weather damages: we install gutter guards. Gutter guard protect your eaves from leaves, small branches, dust clusters or any other particles that can clog the water stream. See more information about this dedicated service here.
We provide pre-scheduled gutter cleaning visits as well as same day calls in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Our team is offering eavestrough cleaning services across all major GTA cities such as Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Markham, Brampton and Mississauga; we reach as far as Newmarket and Aurora in the North, and Scarborough area in the East.

Please note: in case there is a large garbage excess after gutters cleanup, we are unable to dispose it and leave yard bags on the driveway for the municipality workers to collect on the garbage dates

Reasons to Hire EZ for the Job
There is a whole bunch of funny ways a gutter, aka eavestrough, can get clogged. And we know how to deal with all of them.
As mentioned above, insurance is critical and not just in case but also for your (and our own) peace of mind.
We use tall ladders to reach the gutters of up to 3-story houses, but we can go onto the roof as well if needed. We properly check all corners of your gutters and remove anything that doesn’t belong there.
We don’t just clean eavestroughs, we make sure they are fully intact and don’t catch rust or loose connections before they become a hazard.
Get Your Gutter or Eavestrough Cleaning Service and Rest EZ!
Eavestrough Cleaning FAQ for You
We recommend getting your eavestroughs cleaned about twice a year. Late autumn and late spring are typically good times to get this done. If you have overhanging trees, with leaves or branches shedding into the eavestrough, then the frequency may need to be more.
This really differs but can range all the way from nuisance to outright disaster. Although nuisances such as rust holes can also grow and become expensive without going all the way to risking the whole thing detaching from the roof and falling over.
Among the (many) things to look out for is spillage over the eavestrough edge or along the house wall, which means it’s not conducting water. If you see a sag in the gutter, that’s also a clear sign of a clog. Plants growing out of the eavestroughs means they recently became stylish planters but do you need them there? Cleaning is definitely in order.
For your typical 2 storey bungalow (~2,000 sqft) it can be between $170 and $230 per visit depending on the food slope, space between houses, and overall accessibility.

Come on, Eavestrough Cleaning doesn’t need to be Draining! Call us today