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Looking for eavestrough cleaning service in the GTA?

Throughout the fall season, nearby trees shed leaves and branches; during the spring time you might encounter birds that choose your roof gutters for their nests. These events may result in your eavestroughs getting clogged. If this goes unnoticed, eventually, it will overflow and send water down the walls of your home – and potentially inside, especially if you have a basement.

Even if your house is not surrounded by trees there might be a roof shingles particle accumulating inside your gutter creating a muddy heavy substance which blocks the water to flow towards the downspout.

Over the time, your gutters may start to split from the roofline and this could result by expensive fixes.

If there is still water stuck in the passage when Winter hits, water will freeze within the eavestrough, and the substantial weight of the ice poses a real danger of breaking entire passages away from the roof. Otherwise, the weight could create a broken seam between an eavestrough and a downspout that may become a further source of trouble.

These are the main reasons for eavestrough cleaning, but there are more benefits of doing this house maintenance on annual or bi-annual basis.

Avoid eavestrough issues and complications by simply keeping the eavestrough clear of debris and in good general shape.

EZ Eavestrough cleaning will take care of this for you!


We also offer maintenance and repair services for your eavestrough, helping you keep it in a sparkling new condition; this will keep your house safe and will increase the value of your property as well.

Just to be sure you are on the safe side, we also do eavestrough and downspout guards installation for the increased safety from clogging they provide.

We at EZ Eavestrough Cleaning, are focused on one main thing – your peace of mind. For this, we use the safest tools and apply the gentlest care to your eavestroughs when we clean them.